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Should School Districts Open Incubators for Project Based Learning?

Often times educators are faced with the challenge of integrating project-based learning into an already established classroom, within an already established school.  Integrating such change can run into all types of obstacles, with one reason being that the infrastructure of the school (physically and intellectually) was not originally intended for such an immersive and potentially […]

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Where in the world are you?

Let me find out. Are you east of the Mississippi? Are you in one of the 13 original colonies? These are the type of questions 4th graders in Wisconsin’s Vesper Community Academy asked to find out the location of another “mystery” school during a video chat in March. Through the power of enabling technologies – […]

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What Project Based Learning is Doing for Students at Oskaloosa High School

Iowa’s Oskaloosa High School (OHS) hosted their first ever Project Based Learning Showcase in March.  To see this form of learning presented in such a grand fashion is exciting. This isn’t your old-fashioned science fair! The public was invited to see demonstrations of projects that the students worked on throughout the year.  This included real-time […]

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A scavenger hunt like no other

I just came back from FETC 2015. That’s the Florida Educational Technology conference with almost 10,000 attendees. It’s hard to pick what to write about first. Three days full of exciting technology, schools IT guys and gals looking for the next best thing in educational technology,  and most of all very inspiring teachers that are […]

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What a day!

The first hour of code hosted by Choosito was oh so much fun! Some had coded before, some not. Some were boys, some were girls. Some were kids, some were grown-ups. It was so inspiring to watch the engagement of all the kids and grown-ups. Everybody finished their hour of code!  Mel and Marina completed […]

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Choosito hosts hour of code

Choosito! hosts an hour of code event on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 from 4pm-6pm. The event will take place at the Innovation Center,  3401 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104.  All elementary and middle school students are invited to participate. Space is limited. If you are interested, be sure to register. Absolutely NO coding experience is […]

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