Marcus T. Wright

Letting Go in the Classroom

An interesting article caught my attention recently; it discusses how teachers have to “let go” to enable project based learning to thrive in their classrooms. The author of the article states, “Teachers and program leaders can feel great risk in transferring some of the authority and power to carry forth the learning to the students […]

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The Potential of 3D Printing!

I am quite excited for the burgeoning marriage of the 3D printer and the project-based learning method. As covered in my post on the future of education technology, 3D printing may play a larger role in the future of PBL. As the costs of these printers continue to come down, students will be able to use […]

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I know what you learned this summer!

We are halfway through the summer. There is still time to have an amazing barbecue.  Still time to go to an amusement park or two.  And still time… To learn? Of course! Learning after the final bell of the school year has normally been associated with the institution of summer school.  Traditional summer school, for the […]

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NMC Horizon Report Gives a Glimpse of PBL Future

The recent New Media Consortium (NMC) 2015 K-12 report gives a glimpse at where education technology may go in the next 5 years. The report identifies trends, challenges, and developments that we may see as technology becomes increasingly integral to the educational experience. A recent summary of the report from the Korea IT Times highlights two major ways […]

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Pack your headphones for these final exams.

The last time you listened to a podcast, did you think, “Hmmm… making one of these might make for a good final exam?” If not, then this post is just for you! For months, 10th grade English students from Norwalk High School (Connecticut) listened to Serial, a podcast that tells one true story over the course of […]

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man with camera

Project-Based Learning – What’s the Bigger Picture?

Another school year is in the books, and educational institutions now have the time to recharge for the 2015-2016 school year.  As I’ve covered, project-based learning is growing in popularity.  Thus it would not be surprising to see more schools use this summer to think of ways to implement this learning approach into their classrooms (especially […]

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