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Using Student Work to Backward Design PBL

I love the concept of backward design. Think of the desired learning outcome first, determine how to measure if learning occurred, and then form the learning activity. How can you lose? I’ve been thinking about how such an approach could be linked to project-based learning. Yes, we could establish the learning goal and how to […]

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Choosito hosts hour of code

Choosito! hosts an hour of code event on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 from 4pm-6pm. The event will take place at the Innovation Center,  3401 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104.  All elementary and middle school students are invited to participate. Space is limited. If you are interested, be sure to register. Absolutely NO coding experience is […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A great time to remind ourselves of all the good things in life. A great time to spend precious time with friends and family.  And always a great time to learn. To look back and learn from our successes and our failures. Embrace them all and keep doing what’s right and noble. History teaches […]

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