Google kids doesn’t exist but Choosito! does

I read a very interesting article today posted on Slate by Michael Agger. The title of the article is ‘Google kids: Why doesn’t it exist?’ Michael Agger makes a plea for a search environment that would let the user say “I’m six” and get results appropriate for a six year old. He also makes a plea for a platform that parents can use to mark the sites that they visited and liked so other parent will know what sites have been visited and approved by grown ups. Here’s the good news. Your wish has come true. I felt that exact same need and that’s why we made Choosito!. Choosito! both lets you filter in sites good for your 6 year old and gives you tools to rate sites and curate content. It has exactly the tools that teachers and parents need to ‘carve out a children’s section of the web’, as Michael Agger put it. Let’s embrace Choosito! and guide our kids to meaningful searching and learning.

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  1. Yota Reply

    I couldn’t agree more!Children need guidance how to use the internet and choose age appropriate web!