Learning about bullying


Mary Pickford in “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”

October is the national anti-bullying month. Bullying is “dead” serious and it requires our full attention throughout the year. Certainly, one month of worrying about it will not do any good. But we can take this opportunity to do the most basic step in our efforts to stop bullying. Be informed.

Here at Choosito! we will do what we know to do best, point to the best resources to educate yourself and your family and, also, to learn from others.  It’s not going to be a smooth ride. The “bullying” literature is full of myths and facts. What’s a myth in one resource could be a fact in another. The “bullying” literature is also full of very disturbing stories, hard to listen to but important to understand. It is without doubt in the hands of grown-ups to prevent bullying. It’s our responsibility and our duty to protect our children.

Several posts this month will be on researching bullying and how to stop it. How about we start with a bullying quiz?  (source:  http://www.stopbullying.gov/)