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Choosito is a smart search engine that safely searches the web for resources based on your students' reading level!

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Safely search and filter educational resources!

  • Web

    Safe web search using our AI reading level and subject filters.

  • Library

    200,000+ reliable websites filtered by reading level and subject.

  • Images

    Image search by license type and Creative Commons.

  • Choosito Curated Collections

    Collections of websites on specific topics curated by Choosito.

  • Public Collections

    Collections of websites, created and shared by teachers.

  • Private Collections

    Unlimited collections you can create and share with your students.


I think this program is excellent because it provides training grounds to teach students how to use the internet for research. I love that it ranks sources by reading level!

— Brittiny-Rae, Elementary School Teacher

It is a great search engine to use for research products. This product does a nice job of differentiating by grade span, such as elementary versus high school, so it would make it easier to filter search results so that they are grade appropriate content.

— Valerie, Technology teacher, Elementary School, Low Income Population

Choosito Premium Features

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Safely search the web.
Filter by themes and reading levels.




Choosito Library

Search 200,000+ vetted websites
Filter by themes and reading levels.




Choosito Video Library

Search 25,000+ vetted videos
Filter by themes and reading levels.

Teacher Collections

Search collections created by other teachers.
Create your own standards-aligned resources.

Information Literacy Common Core

Built-in tool for students to learn how to evaluate the quality of every website they visit.

Citation Tool

Built-in tool for students to easily save and cite web resources for research projects.

Class Analytics

Learn from students' search data.
Improve their reading and research skills.

Student Accounts

Manage student accounts. Organize student groups.
Assign collections for reading or research.

Professional Development & Support

Onboarding webinars for teachers.
Dedicated technical support.

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Choosito Class Analytics

Check your students' development of information literacy and critical thinking with Class Analytics.

Choosito Class Analytics
Choosito Class Analytics
Choosito Class Analytics

Choosito Dashboard

Quick access to all your resources, class management, and class analytics.

Choosito Dashboard

Sign up to find real-time web results organized by reading level and subject area.