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IBM’s AI Competition Selects Choosito

Choosito is now one of the 147 companies shortlisted out of over 10,000 to compete in IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence XPrize! According to the TechCrunch article, the competition is the is the first not to identify a specific problem. Rather, teams are asked to define their own issue and address it using artificial intelligence.” The […]

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How can free web resources improve student performance?

How can free web resources improve student performance? A fresh new case study from the University of Pennsylvania breaks down how access to personalized online resources create significant student improvements.  The Study: Students from an elementary special-ed class in Delaware were kicking off a new STEM project on dinosaurs. The school library had a small […]

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Lesson Plan Topic: Super Bowl Halftime Show History

10 years ago, we never could have guessed that we would be referencing things such as tweets in official news stories. Yet, here we are. Social media has developed into a firestorm that has has turned politics, news, and pop-culture into a 24/7 business, creating every interaction into an opportunity to voice our political opinions, […]

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Letting Go in the Classroom

An interesting article caught my attention recently; it discusses how teachers have to “let go” to enable project based learning to thrive in their classrooms. The author of the article states, “Teachers and program leaders can feel great risk in transferring some of the authority and power to carry forth the learning to the students […]

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The Potential of 3D Printing!

I am quite excited for the burgeoning marriage of the 3D printer and the project-based learning method. As covered in my post on the future of education technology, 3D printing may play a larger role in the future of PBL. As the costs of these printers continue to come down, students will be able to use […]

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I know what you learned this summer!

We are halfway through the summer. There is still time to have an amazing barbecue.  Still time to go to an amusement park or two.  And still time… To learn? Of course! Learning after the final bell of the school year has normally been associated with the institution of summer school.  Traditional summer school, for the […]

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