Choosito Reaches Learn Launch Midpoint

We are pleased to announce that Choosito has reached the mid-point of the Learn Launch Accelerator, a leading edtech startup program.

 Choosito is excited to be part of the Learn Launch program that is helping its student search technology get into the hands of even more students and teachers.


As one of just nine companies chosen for this year’s program, Choosito has access to connecting with unparalleled mentors, strategic partners, and other leading edtech startups. Learn Launch offers a residential program in Boston, Massachusetts for companies to grow their product through seed funding and mentorships. Through Learn Launch, Choosito will focus on refining its core product, perfecting its business strategies, and gaining even more users. The final event of Learn Launch takes place in September 2017, when Choosito will pitch its updated offering.

To share or start using Choosito today, simply go to www.choosito.com

Dr. Eleni Miltsakaki and the Choosito Team