IBM’s AI Competition Selects Choosito

Choosito is now one of the 147 companies shortlisted out of over 10,000 to compete in IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence XPrize! According to the TechCrunch article, the competition is the is the first not to identify a specific problem. Rather, teams are asked to define their own issue and address it using artificial intelligence.” The winning team will walk away with $3 million.

Choosito, the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded company, fits right at home in this competition. The K-12 focused search engine uses artificial intelligence to filter billions of websites to find resources personalized to students’ reading level and subject area interests. By doing this, Choosito is transforming the way students, teachers, and librarians get access to quality digital resources.

The artificial intelligence behind Choosito came out of Dr. Eleni Miltsakaki’s research as a Computational Linguist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. She noticed that 1) the typical search methods were time consuming and not always appropriate for students and 2) students were not able to narrow down results based on subject areas and hyper-focused searches. She started Choosito to change that.

IBM and the X Prize Foundation’s competition is looking to push the boundaries of the data interpretation service Watson, and to also promote the kind of forward-thinking problem solving of people like Dr. Miltsakaki. The idea that artificial intelligence can transform how people operate on a large scale, is truly the next great approach to humanity’s path forward.

Choosito currently has over 80,000 users and the number of educators using Choosito continues to grow. If you are interested in easy and affordable access to quality K-12 digital resources for your school or district, email to request a demo. You can even sign up directly through the Choosito website for a free 30-day trial of Choosito PRO.