Inspiring scientists

Some time ago I attended a beautiful talk by molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler. Bonnie Bassler is the director of the Bassler lab at Princeton where she studies how bacteria communicate with each other and initiate behaviors only when  they know that sufficient members of the community are present.


Bonnie is an outstanding scientist and a very talented speaker. With a crisp and clear head she communicates very sophisticated concepts in the most direct and understandable way. Loaded with energy and love for her field, you can’t but want to join in the fun and study the amazing world of bacterial communities.

Don’t miss Bonnie’s talk and show it to your child. No better way to make students love science than have “Bonnies” come to the school, share their love for discovery, and reveal who’s behind it all. I loved that Bonnie showed us her “gang” at Princeton (17:08), the “children” who are behind every discovery. In her own words, ‘science is done by that demographic there, all those people that are between 20-30 and they are the engine that drives scientific discovery in this country and it’s a lucky demographic to work with. I’m getting older but they are always the same age and it’s a crazy and delightful job!’