Lesson Plan Topic: Fake News


Lesson Plan Topic: Fake News

Objective: Students will evaluate news resources in order to properly identify reliable sources of information.

Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.2.1; CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.2.2; CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.2.3

**Standards retrieved from http://www.corestandards.org

Preface/Teacher Notes: Fake news has been a hot button issue for the last few weeks, when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg came under fire for, in the opinion of many, not doing enough to censor or filter out fake news on the popular social networking website. Many analysts have even blamed fake news headlines for the results of the recent controversial election. So just how can we discern real news from fake news? Using the Choosito! Site evaluation tool, have your students comb through these popular sites in order to discover which news is real news, and which news is fake!

Using our Fake News Collection to complete the following!

About our collections: The goal with our Choosito! Collections is to provide you and your students with resources from different reading levels. We want to make YOUR job as an educator easier by differentiating the instruction for you! This week’s collection has both Emerging and Fluent reading levels for your convenience!

As always, more differentiated resources can always be found in Choosito! Library and Choosito! Web!

Step 1: First, read about the recent controversy surrounding “Fake News” from the various news sources that have covered it.

Step 2: Have students browse the collection and use the Choosito! Site evaluation tool in order to find out which sites are fake news sites and which are credible sites. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the feature!

Step 3: Have students report out their findings with their class answering the following questions:

-How were the fake news sites similar to the credible news sites?

-What major red flags (if any) gave the fake news sites away?

-How easy would it be for people to mistake the fake news sites for being real?

-Were the differences between both major or subtle?

-Any other findings you’d like to share?

Step 4 (tying it all together): Now that students have researched the topic of fake news and explored some of the sites, their job is to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) in order to help others know what to look for in the future. Students can:

-Make a poster

-Make a video

-Make a radio PSA

-Make a pamphlet

-Create a newsletter