Ready for a great year

It is this time of the year when schools are in session and everybody is working on setting up a working routine for the year. Getting everybody back to school schedule can be a challenge but we know you’re on top of it already. Shopping for school supplies is always fun and a good way to relieve anxiety. A special breakfast makes everybody get out of bed fast. Gradual phasing in school bedtime will do the trick. Just start giving the clues early to give them time to get accustomed, and stay involved in your kid’s school life as much as you can. Your kid will appreciate it and the ride will be smoother for you.

At Choosito!, we are experiencing the same kind of anxiety and excitement our kids are before the first day at school. We worked hard last year, we stayed on top of it in summer (eh, mostly) and we are getting ready for a great school year. But will we do well? What will our report card be at the end of the year?

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