What a day!

hour of code at choosito

The first hour of code hosted by Choosito was oh so much fun! Some had coded before, some not. Some were boys, some were girls. Some were kids, some were grown-ups. It was so inspiring to watch the engagement of all the kids and grown-ups. Everybody finished their hour of code!  Mel and Marina completed topped the number of completed levels to 46. Molly generated 486 lines of code, followed by  Jason, 255, and Marina 209.   After  laptops were put aside and pizza was served, the kids put together on the board a coding quiz with programming puzzles. The puzzles were solved, writing the code on the board and then  “running” it by hand. They even had a “run” button on the board :-)  Can’t wait until the next hour of code.

Kudos to code.org for the wonderful and engaging  activities.

Enjoy the movie!



2 Replies

  1. Angelo Fernando Reply

    I like the way you ended up with a coding quiz. I must try this. If only they could have more than an hour – time flies by, doesn’t it?

  2. eleni Reply

    I wish I could take the credit for what happened. I just suggested a wrap up review/quiz and they put together the quiz, the idea of pseudocode on the board and the UI for running it. It was great way to consolidate what they learned.