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Get Choosito Pro - Your students will unlock all the best online resources.

Pro features include superior reading level and subject filters, the Choosito! online library,

and built-in tools to help your students become great researchers.

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Personalized instruction?
Blended learning? You got this.

Make personalization a reality in your classroom. Choosito! lets you organize online resources according to any unique need, such as reading level or topic. Students can take control of their research projects in a safe, leveled environment.

Go Beyond the Standard.
Teach Information Literacy Skills For Life.

Choosito! gives students the power to rate a website’s usefulness, giving them the "muscle memory" to properly evaluate online resources. Students will enjoy giving that feedback – all while gaining lifelong learning skills in the process.

Choosito! Class
Choosito! Class

Real-­Time Data to Track Progress and Make Timely Interventions

Are your students doing their entire research project with one website? Are they copying and pasting encyclopedia-­style? With Choosito! Analytics, you’ll see what and how they’re searching – right down to the keyword. And you can track their development throughout the school year.

Like Having Your Own Digital Librarian.

Reliability and trust are two of the biggest factors when students search the Internet. Choosito! saves time and frustration by finding the best websites for your students – either by filtering the web in real time or with our library of 200,000 (and growing) curated sites.

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National Science Foundation

Choosito! is proud to be supported by the National Science Foundation.


I think that this is really good for providing students with web sites based on their reading level.

— Shannon, Business Technology, High School, Low Income Population