Your questions

What is the difference between Choosito! Web and Choosito! Library.

Choosito! Library contains a fast-growing number of educational resources which are curated by educators. Currently, the Library has 150,000+ resources students can use for their projects. While some teacher resources (craft ideas, lessons) are included, the Library is primarily a collection of sites with information about school curriculum topics. All the resources can be searched or browsed by reading level and/or theme.

Choosito! Web is a safe environment for web searches. Our advance natural language technology analyzes the text of all the websites in real time and categorizes it by reading level and theme. Choosito curates web content so, as the teacher, can narrow down your searches depending on the reading level of your students and the topic of investigation for a variety of resources, including resources that would not be suitable for a library, such as opinion sites, reviews, and other user generated content or content that has not yet found its way to the library.

Some sites do not have any reading level or theme indicators. Why is that?

Choosito! analyzes the linguistic content of websites. If a site does not contain reading material, it is not possible to determine the reading level. We include these sites because they may be otherwise interesting or include useful links.

Why do I still see site types that I selected to hide?

Currently, we can identify the site type for a limited number of websites. For those sites, when you select to hide them, you won't see them in the results. If a site does not have the grey indicator of its type, it cannot be hidden by selecting a site type. If you think this feature is useful to you, let us know and we will be sure to offer a much wider coverage in the future.

Why does it sometimes take so long to bring results from the Web?

When you do a filtered search on Choosito! Web, we analyze in real time hundreds of sites to find the few that pass the filters you selected. Depending on the keyword and filters you selected this task can be especially challenging. For example, it's rather unlikely that there are sites appropriate for small elementary grades for all keywords. A combination of "Social Studies" for the keyword "dinosaurs" can also be challenging because most educational dinosaur sites are "Science". "Halloween" is another challenging keyword for Choosito! Web as Choosito is going through hundreds of popular sites selling Halloween costumes and eliminates them before bringing sites that could be relevant to your topic of exploration. While it feels long by search engine standards, this is a tiny fraction of the time you would have to spend to weed through these "search engine popular" but "educationally empty" resources.

I added a site to the Library but I don't see it.

All sites added to the library are moderated before they become available. This process takes from a few hours to about a day.

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