Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who uses your product?

Choosito is for everyone! But it was created with students, parents and schools in mind. We have 80,000+ web users around the world and are growing every day.

2. How is Choosito different?

Choosito is unlike any other search engine solution available today. Other sites can do some of what we can, but Choosito is the only site that can offer all of the following:

  • Use artificial intelligence to filter by reading level and subject area
  • Offer a quality teacher-approved library with over 200,000+ resources
  • Track how your students search so they can become better researchers
  • Improve students resource evaluation with a built-in tool
  • Generate website citations with a built-in tool
  • Ability to make and share your own mini libraries (we call them Collections)

3. What is the difference between Choosito web, library, and collections?

They are different sizes, but all of these search modes provide searchable digital resources. All of Choosito’s searches offer enhanced filters for reading level and subject area.

  • Choosito Web is the biggest. It scans the entire web using Choosito’s reading level and subject area filters.
  • Choosito Library is a teacher-selected library of over 200,000+ digital resources. It is great for students who want reliable resources.
  • Choosito Collections are smaller digital libraries made by teachers. Collections are a great way to search for resources on a particular topic. For example, teachers can make (and share) a collection of Grade 5 Science resources.

4. I’m a teacher, how do I add my students?

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. Click "Manage Classes"
  4. Click "Add/Edit Class"
  5. Enter your class name (Mrs. X) and grade level (select either grade if you teach a split grade class)
  6. Get ready to add student information (such as: name, user name, email. Optional fields include: birthday...)
  7. Type in student info OR Upload a template (download the provided Excel template (.xlsx format), edit the template with your class info, click the "upload" button)
  8. Press "Save"

5. What is the difference between Choosito PRO and Choosito BASIC?

Choosito BASIC (free)

  • Great student resources from the filtered Choosito Web
  • One page (limited) of resources from Choosito Library

Choosito PRO

  • Access to Choosito BASIC +
  • Unlimited access to the teacher-selected Choosito Library
  • Unlimited access to teacher-made Collections
  • Ability to create your own Collections
  • Student accounts for school and home
  • Tracking analytics for your students
  • Built-in citation tools
  • Built-in website evaluation tools


6. Does Choosito provide more than just written content? Can I also search videos and images?

Choosito provides written resources, and also an image search feature. Right now there is no video search option. However, age appropriate videos may sometimes show up in the resource results.

7. Why do I see Wikipedia? Can I block sites like this?

You are able to see Wikipedia (and other types of user generated content), because Choosito wants to give you choices from a lot of different kinds of sites. You can block sites like Wikipedia if you want, by clicking on "Hide from Results" (from the Subject box filter). Or, you can search through the teacher-approved Choosito Library.

8. Why does the search sometimes take a bit of time to get the search results?

When your students do a filtered search on Choosito Web, we analyze in real-time one trillion sites. Complicated searches such as "quantum mechanics" for "early readers" will take longer because there are not as many resources at that reading level.

9. Why do I get "Invalid form token!" error when using certain features?

In order to protect the integrity of your information, Choosito utilizes tokens that prevent attackers from tricking you into performing undesired actions. These tokens have a short lifespan, and while they are refreshed every time you change pages within Choosito, they expire if you leave the screen open for too long without executing any action.

Do you have more questions? We'd love to hear them. Send us a quick note.