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Get quality resources in the Library or Web

The Library has over 200,000+ educational resources selected by educators. It is great for students and teachers who want to search through vetted, reliable resources.

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Narrow results by reading level and theme

Narrow down your search by selecting target reading level(s) and theme. The four reading levels Early, Emerging, Fluent, and Advanced correspond to 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th-9th, and 10th-12th grades respectively. Sometimes it is advisable to select two adjacent levels. Fluent readers, for example, would not want to miss out on Emerging Reader resources which may contain useful information for their projects.

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It's in the Library!

Some web search results feature a red library icon. This is an indication that the resource belongs to the Library collection. This gives you an indication that the resource is valued by educators like you.

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Add to the library or remove altogether?

Click on the plus sign to add a resource you value to the library. You can also suggest removing a resource from web or library results by clicking on the trash can.

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Rate the resource

This is a student favorite, too. Rate the quality of a resource that you visited and everyone is a winner. Students love to rate the sites and also to see what others think of them. They will pick those resources knowing that they are valued and save themselves time by avoiding poorly rated sites. Choosito is also learning to make better choices!

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View suggestions for related searches

Expand 'Related Search' to see suggestions for other searches. These suggestions can help your students find more resources by changing their searches. You can choose to expand or collapse all the filter frames.

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Hide Site Types

This is our most recent addition and very much work in progress. We categorize certain site types that you may choose to see or not in search results. For example, you may want to hide shopping sites although they may contain information related to your search. Or you may want to see an indication of when a resources is a dictionary or encyclopedia. Would you like to see this feature evolve?