Choosito Highlighter Tool

The Choosito Highlighter Tool is a Browser Extension for Google Chrome which allows you to highlight items and add notes within any website you visit*. With the help of the extension, you will be able to transform live websites into your own notebooks, commenting and highlighting information relevant to you.

Installing the Extension

After installation, the extension will appear on the right side of the navbar as shown in the image below.

Running the extension for the 1st time

The first time you run the Choosito Highlighter Tool by clicking on the icon in the navbar, you will be prompted to log in using your Choosito credentials. If you do not have Choosito Credentials, you can create a free account by selecting Get a Free Trial on the Choosito Website.

After logging in, you will be shown the sidebar panel, which contains the Highlight and Annotation features.


In order to add new highlights, you must select the pencil tool on the sidebar panel. After doing so, the pencil will turn blue while the cursor will turn into a blue text selection icon. While the pencil is blue, any text selected by the user will be highlighted in the color surrounded by the blue border on the side panel.
Below is an example of highlighted text on Choosito’s Frequently Asked Questions website ( but, of course, you can annotate any website.

Removing Highlights

You can remove a highlights in two different ways:

  • Double click a highlight to remove it, or
  • Right click on a highlight and select Remove Annotation from the Choosito Highlighter Tool menu item.

Changing Highlight Colors

You can change the color of a given highlight by Right clicking on it and selecting Change color to **Your desired color** in the Choosito Highlighter Tool menu item.

Taking Notes

In order to add notes, you must select the notes tool on the sidebar panel. After doing so, the notes icon will turn blue while the cursor will turn into a light yellow cursor. While the note icon is blue, any click performed by the user will create a new note that will be stored in the clicked location.

Once the user clicks on a location, a note will appear. The user can write any content desired within this note.

Closing a Note

You can close a note by clicking on the X icon at the top right corner.

Moving a Note

You can move around a note by clicking and dragging around while holding down the mouse button.

Removing Notes

You can remove a note in two ways:

  • Click on the Trash Icon within an open note, or
  • Right click the note and select Remove Annotation from the menu.