Because the web is not a library

and search engines are not librarians

As educators, we know that you strive to instill curiosity and independent learning in your students. With Choosito you can identify the most appropriate resources for your students while strengthening their research and problem solving skills.

More time comprehending, less time searching

The development of research skills is critical for students to become independent thinkers, nurture a love of discovery and, ultimately, become managers of their own learning. Conducting research is the systematic exploration and understanding of a topic that will naturally enhance the student’s ability to solve a related problem or otherwise find truth or enlightened realization. It involves exploring their topic from different points of view. In order to do that, students need to find those resources that will help them explore. Having to navigate through noisy search results to find relevant resources does not help your students become better researchers.

Students learn research skills by gathering, evaluating, and comparing content from relevant resources, not by opening and closing sites.

Get the clutter out of the web

The biggest information challenge for the 21st century school is not access to resources but curation of resources. With more than a billion web pages to read through, this task becomes impossible.

Give your students access to curated content and safe web searches.

We have built a language savvy software tool that can read through web pages and determine if they are appropriate for your students’ grade levels, varying reading abilities and topic of research.

Innovation for education

Choosito innovates in education by offering a technology solution to the problem of finding resources that are right for your students. Its technologically-advanced text analysis engine is the result of a multi-year research effort lead by Dr Eleni Miltsakaki, a linguist, scientist, and passionate educator. Choosito is the proud recipient of NSF's Business Innovation Award for educational applications.